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We offer a comprehensive range of services for patients with orthopedic conditions including spine disorders, sports injuries, and degenerative joint disease.   


Our primary goal is the reduction of your symptoms and the improvement of your function and quality of life. Our clinicians develop individualized care plans for patients. Patients are assessed, and multimodal treatment plans include rehabilitation. interventional procedures and non-opioid medications.


Our Expeerties

  •  Basic Spinal injection (Epidural, Nerve blocks, Facet blocks, RF ablation, SI injections, Disc procedure )

  •  Advanced Spine procedures (MILD ®, Vertiflex Implant TM, SI joint fusion, Stimulator trials, X-rays guided discectomy, 

  •  Regenerative Medicine   (Intradiscal PRP,  PRP treatments in sports injuries, TENEX, Prolotherapy ) 

Regenerative  Medicine

Regenerative medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function.  PRP, Prolotherapy and Bone marrow allografts and examples of regenerative treatments for skeletal conditions, We have provided Regenerative options for more than a decade and are happy to evaluate and treat you if such treatments are appropriate. 

Spine & MSK


We offer treatment for a  full spectrum of spinal disorders and musculoskeletal problems.  We will evaluate, diagnose, and treat the root cause f your problem.   We perform more advanced spinal procedures that most private and academic facilities in New England . With us you are in good hands 

Interventional Pain 

We specialize in Interventional Pain management. Patients undergo comprehensive evaluation and imaging to determine if they are a candidate for modern pain management procedural treatments.


We do NOT offer chronic pain medication management but can advise your referring physicians on an appropriate long-term plan

Orthopedic Medicine

We evaluate and treat a wide variety of orthopedeic conditions and sports-related skeletal disorders . We specialize in regenerative medicine options in the following areas: 



Tenex Procedure

Tendon  and ligament injuries 

Joint pain 

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