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We are experts in musculoskeletal problems.

We will gladly see you in consultation,  properly diagnose you, and find the best solution to your condition


Our goal is to bring you to an ideal outcome 

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Rolls Royce of physiatrists!

I have been a patient of Dr. Mostoufi for many years. He is a professional, compassionate, caring physician who shows true interest in his patients. From the moment an appointment is made to the completion of your office visit or procedure, his staff is professional and accommodating. He is always available, through office staff, to answer questions you have about your care. He offers his patients many ways to reduce pain and live a fuller life. Dr. Mostoufi is the Rolls Royce of physiatrists!

Sherry, NESCA patient 

Dr. Mostoufi is a miracle worker! 

“Dr. Mostoufi is a miracle worker! With my degenerative disc disease, I would have episodes with my neck lasting for over 2 weeks at a time. I couldn’t do anything except lay in bed in extreme agony with sharp shooting pain from my neck and scapula and continuing down to my arm and hands.


For more than a decade I have been able to stay relatively pain-free and surgery-free thanks to the help of Dr. Mostoufi and his amazing team of people. I have been able to find a better balance now to the quality of my life thanks to the expertise and care I have received from New England Spine Care and a top notch doctor and person with Dr. Mostoufi.”

- Heather G. , NESCA Patient 

Top-quality care
Caring & personal experience

As a long-time patient of New England Spine Care and Dr. Mostoufi, I have had consistent, incredible medical care as well as a very positive experience, each and every time.


Every touch point is a positive one, from easily making an appointment to the visit itself.


All staff members are warm and friendly from the moment I check-in and throughout the procedure. This is truly a unique medical practice where you receive top-quality care as well as a caring, personal experience.”

- Jen, NESC Patient

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