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Joint-Tendon Procedures
Regenerative Injections
Carpal Tunnel Release

We offer a variety of image-guided skeletal procedures to treat arthritis, joint labral tear, tendinitis, tendon tear, tendinosis, bursitis, nerve entrapments, and more. 


We strongly believe that you need to be educated about the reason for the procedure, its benefits, and potential risks. The following is a partial list of the procedures we offer.

Joint -Tendon & Regenerative Procedures

General Information

Joint Injections

Tendon Injections

Bursa Injections

Tendon Percutaneus Tenotomy (Tenex)

Shoulder Procedures 

Shoulder Joint Injection

Shoulder bursa injection

Rotator Cuff Injection  (Steroid /PRP)

Biceps Tendon Inj (Steroid /PRP)

​Rotator Cuff Tenotomy 

Elbow Procedures 

Tennis Elbow Injection (Steroid /PRP)

Golfers Elbow Inj. (Steroid /PRP)

Wrist Procedures

Wrist Joint Injection

Thumb Injection

De Quervain's injection 

Carpal Tunnel Injection

Carpal Tunnel Release with ultrasound 

Hip Procedures 

HIP Bursa Injection

Hip Bursectomy

Hip Joint Injection

Psoas Tendon Injection 

Gluteus Medius/minimus Tenotomy 

Tenex Procedure 

HIP PRP Injection

Knee Procedures

Knee Joint  Injection

Knee Bursa Injection (Pes Anserine)

Knee PRP Injection

Patellar Tendon Tenotomy 

Ankle Procedures

Ankle Joint  Injection

Peroneal Tendon

Achilles tendon Injection

Foot Procedures 

Midfoot and Toe Injections

Plantar Fascia PRP Injection 

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